Friday, September 25, 2009

Reading this week. I've been home sick.

This has been awful and I really did not surface until Monday. Four kids were home yesterday and I am thankful for friends and family for calling and feeding us. The kids were pretty sick of chicken noodle soup. Thank you. Do not visit, call and then you can't catch this, it is nasty.
Nora Robert and JD Robb, like this book, but then it is the 17th in the series I'm reading so it pushed the story ahead. The beginning is set in 2003 and the rest is set in 2053. I liked it. I read the next in the series also and it was long and I think I really must have been sick because I could not keep reading it, I took several naps and then fianlly finished it after reading two other very fluff romances.

Not my favorite of hers. I would not suggest this to anyone. I then read Sarah Child and it was good. Very classic romance.

Disappointed is all I can say about this one. She seemed to have an agenda is writing this book. License all professions, especially those who deal with death. A good idea, sure, but the book was filled with this propaganda and the main story moved ahead only slightly. The biggest disappointment is that I have to wait another year for the next one to come out and if it is as bad as this one then I won't read anymore of hers.

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