Monday, September 21, 2009

Number 3 is done

I finished book number three last week. Bonnie, Meredith and Vanessa are reading it and Bonnie commented right away that it was much better then the 1st one(She read number one the other two didn't). Yeah!!!! Maybe practice makes perfect after all. I took my mother-in laws advice and decided to try writing in the 3rd person. I like it, it seems to flow better. The words also seemed to flow better right from my finger tips this time. Also, I have been reading more lately to get the idea of how to write better. I'll keep working on it, maybe someday it'll be good enough. Someone told me that it took Edison thousands of experiments to get the light bulb right, I hope I don't need to write that many books to get a keeper. Here's to practice and patience, two things I've never had large amounts of.
I'm going to re-write book number two in the 3rd person and see if it flows better.
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