Friday, April 20, 2012

Why the new diet? (Unsinkable ships...sink! Everyone ages...DARN) what...lots of inflammation in my lower spine and back.  I read a few books on the subject and it seems diet is a huge part of the process of anti-inflammation.  No sugar, dairy, wheat...these three are huge inflammation problems(quick aside....70% of aging is life style...hummmm).  So far sugar is the hardest so is in almost everything.  Sugar in almost everything.  Making things from scratch is the sure way to know what is in everything you eat.  

My lower back is putting pressure on my right hip to the point that rolling over in bed can reduce me to tears.  Yeah aging is AWESOME!!!But I will conquer this, or at least make life better in the long run.  Diet is just a choice I can make or I can hope and pray for something else...pray yes..hope sure...realistic NOT WITHOUT WORK ON MY SIDE!  Life is full of choices..this is mine.  It should help many areas of my the way my scaly hands are looking better(could just be the cycle..I hope it is related to diet choices.)
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