Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Austinaire Show

I thought I would get out of attending this year since I have no Austinaires, but Qatar was asked to be the stage manager and to play a walk on part for one of the songs.  So off I went with Zeke, who ditched me to sit with some friends, next time he can pay his own way.  I ended up sitting by my fifth grade teacher, Mrs Graber, and having a great conversation  and the show was lots of fun to boot.

Toby's grandson MC'ed and he was hilarious, I enjoyed the evening and was home by a bit after nine PM.  Not a bad evening.  The solos were sad and long, but Martha and Dylan were the light in the darkness and brightened up the rest of the show.

Qatar loves the theater, but behind the scenes seems to be where he gets the most time.  I need to get my camera out more often.
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