Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sugar was my best friend...sad....I miss you...lots

sugar withdrawal
I love jelly beans...all year long.  I love and miss you sweet SUGAR!  In college-(and until just the other day) anyone who knew me knew I was the one to ask for something to snack on...my bag was full of treats and goodies 24/7.  You all know someone who carries Tylenol or aspirin...I carried the snacks..lots of them.  I hate to be hungry.  I eat 6 + times a day...still.  Oh I miss sugar.  This is not easy....try it if you don't believe me ... or are you one of those freaks who doesn't likes sweets?  Weirdo!

I'm not a nice person right now...not at all...I have to bite my tongue not to say everything passing though my head....not nice trust me!   I miss eating things that taste GOOD....I want to curl up and die!   This is seriously an addition for me.  I never realized how many times a day I reached for something full of sugar and energy....I'm exhausted and need to sleep more than usual and yet when I go to bed I just stare at the ceiling exhausted.  My eyes won't focus on a book or TV...yet I can't sleep worth a darn....tired and grumpy.  I think the kids wish I would just eat a candy bar and smile again.  A few weeks of this and I may be living alone and friendless.  Hang in there with me....please?

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