Thursday, April 19, 2012

My new toy-for my new dairy-wheat-sugar free diet.

My new toy.  On this gluten-free - Dairy- free and yes SUGAR-FREE diet I needed a machine that could grind, chop and make walnut and almond butter without issues.  This puppy has 1000 watt motor and grinds those nuts to paste in about 3 minutes.  Almond butter Yummy...I was not sure about that...Now I love it more than peanut butter...Peanut butter taste cheap and processed.  Homemade almond butter is a bit tastier than walnut butter.  Walnuts are a bit bitter and so not as tasty...but not bad either and so good for you.  Making my own peanut butter would be good...except I can't have peanuts.

This weekend we will be chopping and grinding and seeing what this little wonder can do.
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