Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sugar Withdrawal the joy

I am so grumpy I want to scream and depressed as ever.  This is my life now (forever and ever) and I realize that it could be so much worse...I just think a nice brownie, cookie dough, a can of frosting or candy bar would make me feel so much better.  I'm the queen of sweets...I made saltine toffee everyday for the two weeks after excuse was that the kids loved it(so did I).

Brownies everyday and Papa Murphy's makes great cookie dough and is just two blocks away.
I feel like I've cut of my arm.
Life would look so much better with a bit of sugar...or chocolate frosting  or cookies or a peanut butter bar(pan full).

I miss sugar more than I miss anything else and I have major issues with Sorbitol so most sugar-free items are out.It could be worse.I know ...I think anyway?

My new food processor makes  great cakes, brownies, cookies, I watched the how to use video...great bread and muffins also.

Tears are coming and yet I know it could be so much worse....really....I can't think of anything but I'm sure it could be somehow?  No just kidding(sort of anyway) I know...sugar is additive like caffeine and this may take a few weeks of missing it like a limb.  Pineapple is good, sweet potatoes are sweeter than ever....blueberries are wonderful and cherries.  Substituting sucrose for fructose is suppose to help but no fruit I've ever had tastes like a brownie or cookie dough or a candy bar and 90% dark chocolate may as well be chalk with all the taste it has(that is ok once in awhile(no thanks  at least not yet).

Hitting something and then eating a brownie...that sounds perfect right now. Headaches, aches, fatigue, depression, cravings, I can't remember simple words(my brain is in a fog) and a stomach that doesn't understand....What the heck is going on?  I told Qatar to close the curtains and we were sitting in the car(I wanted the garage door closed...I told Cenny I couldn't see her back bones because of the french fries and I meant sweatshirt)  The lack of sugar is making me stupid or maybe I'm having a stroke.... this is bad!!  NO JOKING HERE.

My stomach wants my old diet back...TOO BAD...we are doing this together!
This may be one of the hardest things I've done....sugar is everywhere and in everything.  Look at the labels in your cupboards.  Tomato soup for heaven sakes.

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