Friday, April 27, 2012

Sugar no-Fruit yes.

Some people have asked if I'm giving up fruit because of the high sugar content.
No.  Fruit has many redeeming qualities that you don't get in candy or sugar heavy items.
Yet I can tell you the weight is not falling of...I'm not worried
but I cut out the brownies, cookie dough, cake etc and I weigh exactly the same as when I 
started this 4 weeks ago.
Well at least I don't have to worry about wasting away on this life choice.
Pineapple is a big anti-inflammatory food.  Aldis has them
for about 1.50 so lots of pineapple in my life currently.
It really helps when I crave something sweet.
Like I said before I have yet to find a fruit that
taste like a brownie...If you find one let me know.
Lara bars are pretty tasty...but no brownie.
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