Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cenny and the giant flippers she calls feet

Cenneidigh now wears a women's size 10 shoe(about a 9 in men's).  She swapped shoes with Elder Foster(a missionary in our ward) and he could wear hers without a problem.  She has boats for feet.  My shoes never fit her because her feet were so long and thin.  Oh well we will most likely never share clothes either.  She is about 5'1" and 89 pounds with flipper feet.  But someday she will soar over me.  It will be fun to see how tall she gets...or maybe she will just have large feet.  I think she will be taller than me at least...I wear a 7 1/2 most of the time sometimes a 7 depending on the shoes.  David wears a 13 in men and Gunnar wears a 12...Zeke wears an 11 1/2  and Qatar wears 11.  JT has small feet with only a 3 so far.

Shannon, our neighbors daughter, is taller than me now and getting so pretty.  She is in 8th grade and busy all the time with friends.  Zeke and her are good friends and Cenny loves her.  Anything Shannon gives her is gold(lots of wonderful clothes with name brands splashed across the fronts we cannot afford to buy.)  I hate to think about when she stops growing and giving clothes to will be soon...darn.  It has been a huge blessing in out lives to have her next door...along with Ryan and Jordan...good friends for years with our kids.  Love their parents also, Todd and Sarah.  Great neighbors to share our lives with.
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