Friday, April 29, 2011

Tiger Sushi Trip

     We took Gunnar up to the cities with us for our lunch at Tiger Sushi 2 in Minneapolis.  THis is what David and I had at the Mall.  Not the rolls, just the raw fish.  It was good.  The salmon was the best.  YUMMY
             Gunnar had this and I admit that we were surprised that it was all raw, it was good just raw interesting.  We had Edamame it is very good thanks Kristi.  Mango, Strawberries, cucumbers, lots of raw seafood.
                  On our second trip that day to the one in Lynn Lake we had rolls and they were amazing and I can't wait to go again.  I'm going to learn to make this and the Edamame.  Yummy and no wonder it is healthy it is just good stuff.  The Bam Bam roll was YUMMMMMY!!!!
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