Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boys and Girls

Dawn was complaining about the notes to Caleb from girls and now I am complaining about the girls calling asking Gunnar out. Most calls go to his cell phone, but some come to the house. He was very diplomatic saying "no" with all of us in the room, if it had been on the cell who knows. I just told him to say he had a good year before he could date, He just said he was busy. Well he did say they could hang out sometime this summer, so I come downstairs and there she is on the couch. Cute little 15 year old girl playing the Wii with Gunnar, and the best little tattletalers ever, Ezekiel and JT. I think it is safe to go to my appointment with Edward Jones. Well gunnar is fast becoming a cutie. Scary Scary kids do grow up.
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