Sunday, July 27, 2008

Arm issues

I have been having an intense itch on the front of my arms and hands. I called the nurse help line and they said to talk to the Dr., especially since I have no signs of a rash or skin irritation. Well the Dr. said to try this cream for arthritis. It heats up and feels really warm. This is to help with the nerve damage, they think I might have from sun damage to my arms over the years. My arms show no signs of rash or irritation. In fact they look great.

This cream is funny, or at least it is when I am not touching my eyes, ears or others. If I touch my eyes then they burn, same with anything I touch. JT and I were reading today and he said "Ouch my eye and mouth burn". I realized he was holding on to my arms and had touched his eye and his mouth. This is not the cream for the faint at heart.

If you get your skin wet where the cream is, it then burns really hot. You cannot wash this stuff off after it has been on a 1/2 hour. When I wash my hands I feel they are on fire a few minutes later. It does not show anything when it burns, it just burns. It is strange to lay in bed at night and think that at any minute your arms are going to spontaneously combust. The itching is better, but still annoys me at times and especially at night. By the way, if I do scratch it just gets worse, so no touchy and that is sosososo hard to do.
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