Thursday, July 10, 2008

Over The River And Through The Woods.

Gunnar and I went to see this play at the college last night. The actors did a great job. I laughed and laughed through the first half and then cried and cried through the second half. I think it hit a bit close to home. I hate things changing and it was about life, which I know always changes. The play was set in the main characters grandparents home and showed their relationship. He loved his grandparents, but they could drive him crazy. At one point he was able to see them as real people with lives (past and present) and not just as his grandparents. It was so funny at times that my eyes watered and then so sad that I cried and cried.

I think life would be great if it would just stop moving right now and sit still in this spot for awhile. But things keep changing, kids keep growing up and gaining more and more independence. One of the grandmothers in the play said of her grandson, "I just love him so much and just want to take care of him forever." I think that is the way it is with kids too. But, then it nice to see them become independent in many things and I guess eventually in all things.

My neighbor is having the same problem, she is not ready to let go either. We both had a hard week when Gunnar and Jordan were in DC. She commented during the fireworks on how we always sit together and that all the kids used to sit with us also, but now the oldest(Gunnar and Jordan) are off with their friends and even Qatar and Ryan were not there the whole time.

I guess that is life and in the end all we really have are our memories. Sweet spring memories in the winters of our lives. This is why I am camping this weekend. Not because I want to, but because the kids do, and it will make a good memory for the future. Good or bad the memories are the fun part, even bad ones (which are never as bad as the original may have been) and you all know that eventually we do laugh about all the things we swore we never would.
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