Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summerset 110 Degrees in the Shade

Steven, Gunnar and Mark White Jr., were in the production of 110 Degrees in the Shade. Steven played Starbuck, the fast talking con man who claims he can make it rain for a mere 100 dollars. Mark plays Noah, the older brother of Lizzy who is a pessimist. He plays angry really well. Gunnar plays Freddie, a chorus member with a few lines. Gunnar did very well, much less stiff then usual. Steven showed him what to do and then bribed him with money every time his arms went above his shoulders. We counted opening night, he did it 7 times and then 11 times the next night.
Steven was amazing and lit up the stage. He did collapsed after singing Melisand during rehearsals from exhaustion and one of the other cast members said, "He never did that when he played Lancelot." Steven needed to remind him that Camelot was 16 years, five kids, marriage, mission, college and a few pounds ago.
Photos Gunnar, Steven signing autographs, Steven, and Mark Jr.
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