Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Cenny and America, we love you both.

What a great day for Independence Day.

The weather was beautiful, in the 70's with little humidity. Paige and I started the day before 6am to get a good spot for the parade, a police man stopped by to ask if we were staying until the parade and when we told him we were he laughed. He could not believe that someone would move your stuff if you left it unattended, steal no but move YES. We did push a few items, that others left, together to make more room for us. We needed lots of space for the large growing family of ours. Next year we want to sleep out, if it is legal. (You make your own fun and happiness in this life, why not have fun making more.)

The parade started at 11 am and went to after 1pm. Gunnar walked with the marching band and Qatar held a banner for Qwest. The kids got more candy then they needed and Cordy, Kristi's youngest was great. She screamed and dove for the candy like a pro. I screamed to get more attention to the kids and we also got lots of freezy pops. Hyvee threw out napkin packs and plates for the fourth. We did not need to open any of the ones I bought.

The picnic was great and the hot dogs went fast. We had a good variety of tasty food. Cenny looked so cute in the dress grandma made for her and all the fun stuff she collected for the day. Vanessa made her cake again, yea and thanks.

The fireworks and the concert were wonderful. The Symphony played for two hours and then into the fireworks with Stars and Stripes Forever. We sung during the fireworks, there were so many that ash rained down on us during the last half of the show. David hit Paige in the arm to put of a still quite lit piece of ash on her shoulder. The fireworks were amazing. Thursday nights were also great. Two days and nights of fun. Austin, what a great place to be July fourth, no place better.

What a perfect day and now I am sad that it is over, I cry at the fireworks every year, sad to see it go again. I LOVE Independence Day!!
God Bless America and Cenneidigh!!!!
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