Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Saturday

Qatar went camping in our Scout Master's backyard last night and when asked how it went, Qatar said, "Boring". Really a back yard camping trip Boring. Shocked. He is really tired and it is very humid, both lend to a grumpy boy.
Zeke, Cenny and JT went with Bonnie, Eric, Vanessa, and kids to the park and then to Culvers for lunch and custard. They used their free coupons from the 4th firework raffle. Well, free is relative, free custard with other purchase. Thanks Guys!
Gunnar had play practice then mowed the lawn. He kept singing a song from the play he is in and it sounded good.
David worked in the bedroom we are working on at this point. David also put my bike basket on so I can haul towels easier from lessons and such.
I just cleaned and yelled at the kids to do their chores. I did, however, find the time to figure out our net worth. Eric and I were discussing this at swimming lessons the other day, he mentioned a co-worker who figures his net worth every month to see if he is hitting his financial goals. The "Millionaire Next Door" has a formula, income times age divide by 10. Just interesting with how much talk their is about the maybe recession. This link will tell you were you are in relationship to medians for your age and income. Interesting.
Net Worth Calculator Here is the link on the article Article on Net Worth
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