Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cenneidigh's Baptism

Cenneidigh was baptised on Sunday July 6th right after church. She wore the dress we picked out a few months ago and she looked so cute. David baptised and confirmed Cenneidigh. The two Grandpas were the witnesses. Uncle Eric and Aunt Bonnie spoke, and Grandma sung a song. Our neighbors were able to attend and Cenneidigh was thrilled they were there.
After the baptism we went back for a picnic at our house for everyone that attended.
The day turned out to get very humid and then in poured rain. We turned on the AC and the pipe must have been clogged because the water leaked out of the ceiling. We took the ceiling down and accidentally knocked the thermostat out of the wall when the ceiling came down. He stayed home Monday and put in a new thermostat and cleaned up the tools in the garage.
Photos to come, when we find the camera. It has been a busy few weeks, we are lucky we know where all the kids are. Found the camera ha! Now for the kids.
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