Friday, June 29, 2012

Pay Day!

I got paid today!!!  AS the college students opened their checks they cheered.  
I guess I'm used to making more money - no cheers for me.
But I do get to spend time with my kiddos and we are having a great time playing, swimming, tagging, and lots of stuff.   Not to mention the food they get to eat and help me save money on groceries.  This new diet is a fortune with shopping at least twice a week to keep the stuff fresh.  We saw Brave this week as our field trip and I cried...Cenny is heartless she didn't shed a tear.  I ended up at the pool 3 times this week since everyone needed to see the movie.  I use the 100 spf and I'm still pale except for my rocking awesome farmers tan from forgetting to use the spray in the AM.  Cenny teases me because my hands are tan and yet my fingers are more pale.  I put my spf on in the morning under my makeup and then rub the excess off on my fingers.  They are staying paler than the hands,  silly!
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