Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Diet and lifestyle changes.

Well some think I'm crazy and others wish they could skip the desserts and breads.
I feel great, a bit tight some mornings and a twinge here and there, but I'm playing everyday and walking and climbing and hanging off the jungle I hung upside down.
It was great except for the sand from my feet pouring on my head.
Grainy gum...Yuck!
This is not easy I miss lots of things, but everyday it gets easier to do it.
Saying NO and passing the treats and breads by is easy when you know why.
I see people that are huge and watch them eat donuts and cookies and wonder why their cholesterol is high.
Its sugar and carbs not fat that is making people fat.  Remember that FAT is 
your friend, F and F hard to forget.  Sugar is your Satan...sort of works.
You get it.  Sugar is bad and Fat is good.
Most people have it backwards and eat fat free items that are full of additional sugar to make them taste better.  Eat the full fat and skip the sugar you will feel better and be healthier.
I was a of the things I always ate when I was hungry was brownies, cookies or any other sugar filled items I could find.  I would skip most food so I could have the sugar packed ones.  When someone tells me that my diet is easy for me because I look like I always eat only healthy food.
Bull-ony  I used to skip the vegs and the fruits to eat the junk.
Life is full of choices and I am making mine for the future- today!  
I expect it to pay off in the end.

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