Friday, June 22, 2012

Day Camp again....great fun and yet I need a vacation to recover from everyday.

Day Camp is exhausting.  The kids(most of them) are fabulous and lots of fun.  This week I took two groups to the SPAM museum, two trips to the pool, a trip to the library, 6 trips to the park for over an hour and a half each time, 6 hours in the play room, 5 breakfast set-ups-clean-ups, 5 lunches, and more.  I come home everyday ready for a nap.  We run, play group games like tag and Fishes and Whales, we play pool and ping-pong which is more like room ping-pong then table since no one seems to keep it on the table.  Card games galore and a new one that I love called BLINK...great game.
Love this game.  Lots of UNO, Go Fish, Old Maid, Candy Land, Sorry, Bingo and many more.  We play we play and at meals we sit - thank heaven for the sitting part.  Lots of walking I get over 10,000 steps everyday on the pedometer.  Busy, but I get to spend lots of time with my kids.  Cenny held my hand today as we walked to the park, maybe a bit jealous that everyone else wants to hold my hand when we walk anywhere.  Yes, I am one of the day camp celebrities that everyone wants to stand and walk by.  When we leave at 4 or 5 PM depending on if we came in a 7:30 or 8:30 the Salvation Army gives us food that needs to go....bread, cakes, cookies, milk, butter....lots of stuff - my huge food bill may get a break for a few weeks.  I need hot dogs to make pigs in a blanket- I have a case of crescent rolls in the frig, and a large decorated sugar cookie for dessert.  I love working with the kids.
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