Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Osteo-Arthritis Diet Update.

It has been over 10 weeks on this Gluten Free- Wheat Corn Oat Free - Dairy Free - Sugar Free - Night Shade Free diet and I am no longer taking any pain-killers or muscle relaxers.  I feel great, a bit of achy at times but I feel like myself again.  My back pain is gone, my hip pain is here and there.  I think the diet is working.  No tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, no night-shade vegetables, no pork.  It is tough and sometimes I feel deprived and whiny about my life....poor me!!!!  But poor me will not be disabled in 10 years like the statistics.  I do eat dark chocolate and so not completely sugar-free.  No other desserts like I used to eat everyday(ask Amanda and Paige about after Christmas saltine toffee)....I do miss chocolate chip cookie dough.  I love sweet potatoes now....yummy.  Sweet Potatoes come in chips, fries, mashed and roasted....yum~
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