Friday, December 5, 2008

Ezekiel 2nd Place in the Geo Bee

Ezekiel was very nervous about being in the Geography Bee at school, but he did great. He told me the night before he was going to just drop out because he was so scared, but I told him to just do his best and not worry about winning. He did great. Cenneidigh came and sat with me because she had an appointment with the orthodontist at 2pm. We had to leave when everyone was still in the bee and I thought they are going to be there until tomorrow, but when we got back to school Zeke told us it went pretty fast after we left and he got 2nd place. I wish I had not missed that. This is a picture of Zeke holding his ribbon talking to people on the phone to tell them how he did.
We learned that Cenneidigh is going to need to have her upper palette expanded so all the teeth she has that want to come in can. About $1200 for that and the braces to keep her front teeth together so the other teeth have space in the right place. In a few years then the real braces to pull all the teeth to the correct position. Yuck!!! Every time I look in my kids mouths all I think is $$$$$, only Qatar has teeth growing in where they belong. He has had 8 teeth extracted to make room for the teeth and it is working, his teeth are looking great. I think now I can forgive him for flooding our furnace when he was two.
Qatar did great in the band and choir concert last night at Ellis. He had a basketball game earlier that day and it was fun to see what a difference a year makes. The kids were all much bigger and playing much better then last year. I never did make it to my scheduled event at 5:45pm yesterday to many things got in the way.
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