Thursday, December 4, 2008

Busy Days Yuck!!!

Today Ezekiel has a Geography Bee at 1:15pm, he is very nervous, Cenneidigh has an orthodontic appt. at 2pm. Qatar has a Basketball game at 4:30pm. Then I have an appt. at 5:45pm and Qatar's Christmas Concert is at 7pm. David is leaving for DC on Sunday. He has a conference to attend there. Qatar and I leave for Eagle Bluff on Monday and we all get back sometime on Wednesday. By the way it is suppose to be very cold while Qatar and I are gone on the outdoor adventure at Eagle Bluff where the motto is, "It is never to cold to be outside for the day." Goody for me.

Gunnar has Basketball practice until 6pm tonight. Last night Gunnar got home at 6pm from practice and then was gone again until after 8pm handing out phone books. The Basketball team is doing the phone book delivery for cash for the team. Poor Qatar was gone yesterday from 7am(Jazz band rehearsal) until he got home at 6:30 from practice and Science Olympiad prep. He left at 7am today for Early bird Choir and he will be at school until after the concert. Science stuff right after school again. Enjoy your little ones that stay at home most of the time. At least you get to see them for more then five mins a day.
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