Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Taste panel - Macaroni and Cheese Yuck!!!!

Eight samples a day for a week and only one that was OK in the bunch.  We tasted all the mac and cheese already prepared on the market in the grocery stores and I have to ask....Who is eating this stuff?  Yuck Yuck and double Puke Yuck.  After tasting all that is available ready made on the shelf I have to say that Kraft is quick, easy and leaps and bounds above all of these in taste and flavor.

Gross food we feed to our poor children who don't know any different.  Don't buy the canned mac and cheese it is the worst of the worst.  We did this panel for three weeks and I may never eat this again, of course I rarely eat Mac and cheese anyway, if I do it is the blue box from now on.
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