Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friends that never grow old...

 David and John they worked together at the MTC and wow it was like being 17 years younger seeing him.
 Kristi and John, David has been good friends with Kristi since high school. 
 They invited us for dinner and Kristi made an amazing meal and the conversation
 was fabulous.  Thanks guys for a fun evening.
 John and Tammera, I met them both after David worked with John.  Tammera looks fabulous and they both have four beautiful teenagers.  What a fun time getting together and seeing them again after all these years.
David and Kara another friend from HS I forgot to get a photo with Angie before she left.  Kara had us all over for a fun evening of games and snacks.  She has a lovely family and we all had a wonderful time.

I did not get a photo with the Lawson's Carol and Larry, they are the same as I remember them and I used them as surrogate parents when I was at BYU.  They had us over for the night and I loved talking with them and catching up on all the kids and their families.

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