Friday, August 19, 2011

Sometimes I don't like my children ... Ok most times right now!

Ezekiel is driving me crazy, he knows it all and I am the stupidest person on the planet.  He pokes me in the arms to watch my flab shake, he tells me my clothes make me look old,
he tells me I'm doing my exercise videos all wrong, he complains every time I ask him to do
something, he is driving me crazy with a capital C.  He knows it all and he is perfect in every way.
I on the other hand am an imperfect person with a capital imperfect.

WHy do they have to become teens, lets just skip this hellish
amount of years.  Did I mention he never stops talking, never, except when he is asleep.

JT is fighting with Zeke and the yelling is making me crazy...certifiable crazy.
It is a good thing that Cenny is gone right now.
School cannot start to soon!

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