Friday, August 12, 2011

Letter to Gunnar's new Bishop

I was asked to write a letter to Gunnar bishop so I did and I hope it was ok.  I told him abit about Gunnar and about his dessert making skills even though I stressed he would be on his own money wise and would need the ingredients if they wanted him to make anything for activities.  Poor Broke son of mine.

We are now in the process of packing his room up because Qatar is moving in when Gunnar leaves, no shrines in this house, no extra room for that.  We will miss him and hope he has a good time and does well in his classes.  He and his roommates bought season sports passes so they can attend any and all BYU sports events at home.  He should really enjoy that...Karl maybe you will spot him in the stands...his tickets are roaming and I think they are mainly in the edges of the stadium, more money to have tickets in the center area all the time.
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