Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm a bit overwhelmed and over-scheduled and over-stressed. Life is busy and every night there is something going on, I need a break. The problem is that on the horizon there is only more and more and more happening. I do not see a break until the middle of June. @@##@%@%@%@% this is me screaming not swearing. Life is going in fast forward, we have a grad party to plan, graduation items to take care of, concerts coming on a constant basis with kids needing this and that to wear, braces being put-on and money going out the door at a record pace.
Last week the kids under HS age had Monday off. Thank heaven, the rest of the week seemed to drag on and on with so many things going on. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I worked in preschool(lots of fun, but exhausting), then Wed night meetings, Thursday night choir concert, Friday I taught at the HS for ESL and then Friday night a trip to the temple. Sat a trip to the dump for deconstruction items and then errands and cleaning. Sunday is Stake Conference and then another crazy week starts again. @##^$%#@%^#%@ Me screaming again.
Someday people assure me I will remember these busy days fondly, you want to bet? Now if I can just keep from pulling my hair out and mortally wounding anyone who gets in my way.
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