Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy sub stories

I was in 8th grade and I felt like I had walked into the Twilight Zone!!!! One kid scratched himself so he asked for a bandaid, I gave him one. Another kid asked and I said why? He then proceeded to bite himself and draw blood(mental problems anyone?) Another kid kept walking around and would not settle he disrupted the class and I asked him several times to sit, a threat to walk to the office finally did it. One girl whistled, grunted and tapped until after many redirections I just sent her to the office. One girl I had to move to another desk for talking to her friend, just got up and moved herself. I told her to move back and she told me she didn't want to. She moved back, it was either that or move to the office. I hate to teach with threats, but it was out of control. I even kept one kid five minutes over his lunch because of his many disruptions. I wonder how the kids learn in this environment, I assume with the teacher it is better, but how much?
I had to remove a child for screaming and crying because I wanted her to take a test before leaving to use the bathroom, I grabbed the gym teacher in the hall to help. She lost it and yet the notes said to not let anyone out until after the test and it was right after lunch when they are suppose to use the bathroom. Its a zoo having every kid need to use the bathroom. One kid, while taking the test, kept poking his arms with a pen and complaining that he was turning purple(very loudly.)
I took the next days off as mental heath days(I just called in and said I was unavailable.) These are the days I wonder WHY?
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