Sunday, March 31, 2013

Going on strike against unfair labor practices

I am sick of being treated like a second class citizen and I have told the perpetrators this repeatedly and yet nothing has changed...well I see no way around this impasse then to stop doing what I am doing and go on Strike.  I have informed them of my terms and let them know that I am not doing anything this week until I get some respect.  I am officially on Mommy Strike.

No meals, no clean laundry, no rides, no talking unless they have something nice to anyone.   I am done being disrespected and taken advantage of. (they can do all the above themselves, I am not helping at all.)

Zeke told me today while borrowing my lotion that to stop with the make-up it wasn't helping anyway....I told him to leave and that he is not welcomed back to my bathroom with that attitude.  Qatar got mad last week because I did not bring him candy home from the store(you never think about anyone but are a terrible mom) no one gets any candy because I am not shopping this week or cooking(good luck with having cereal everynight- we are almost out of milk and cereal)...Cenny yells at me when I tell her her room is a mess- so she is in her room until it is clean and if not done by 8PM tonight David is taking a garbage bag to what is left....JT thinks I'm stupid and tells me as much everyday...also the make-up things was JT's first...he told me that last week, he also informed that I am his maid.... think again buddy.  Gunnar BTW is on his 6th month of being my favorite child ever.  

Well this stupid, ugly mother is done and enjoying her week with class two nights, going out to dinner with David Weds, Thurs, and Friday....good luck kids there is no real food in the house only ingredients!!!

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