Monday, March 11, 2013

Busy life

I have finals this week and next and things are a bit crazy....I also have three presentations to do in the next two weeks and I have to write, plan and teach two different phonic lessons for kids to my class...with four word work stations each.  So we are going to make words and then eat them out of alphabet crackers and alphabets.  Then we will make words out of play-dough, then I have a few phonics wheels to make words out of and a few boggle boards to make words out of....I have a few other ideas that need a bit more work.  I need to go get play-dough tomorrow I don't have any any more surprise.  This is why I didn't choose elementary ed, but I have a few classes I need to take that seem to go that way.  I bought magnetic letters to show the lesson to the kids and then I printed off ten alphabets and covered each letter in contact paper.  I made wands for everyone since the lesson is on word wizards.  I need to practice tomorrow since I am here waiting for the appliance guy to install the new dish washer...the duct tape on the old one is giving out.
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