Monday, March 18, 2013

We do everything...everything...

Girl drama at school and at home because of Facebook....oh man hating the internet for the first time in my life.

"We do everything in the house"  this is what I hear when they are asked to do anything around the house.  Zeke is on Accutane and the 1st month was fine and then the 2nd month started and the doctor doubled the dose.....the moody attitude started yesterday and I want to toss him out.  He does everything also and no one works as hard as he anything.  Grad school is nothing compared to 8th grade....8th grade is much more demanding.....I have no idea how busy he is and I expect him to clean out the dishwasher?  OH YEAH!!!!  But he forgets I already passed 8th grade...been there done that!

I hate teenagers seriously hate them and their moody moody selves.  Everything is bad, life is terrible, school is hard and no one understands how awful their lives smiles, mad all the time and grumpy!!!  I never do enough and if I think of doing anything for myself or buying myself something then I am so so so so selfish.  I don't want to drive them everywhere they want to go or buy them everything they want?  I am a terrible mother!!!!!  With a capital M or T.  Please take them away until they are older and then I will take them back....the terrible twos are bad, 8 is bad, but ...this is worse!  So much worse then I ever imagined.  David and I will be taking a vacation away from this misery, alone, this year!
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