Friday, March 29, 2013

End of my Second Semester and on to my Third now

I ended my second semester with straight A'a again and I am relaxing a bit...I have been a bit intense, another student told me that an A is 100% down to 95% so relax to the 95% if you require an A....The A is on the transcript not the percentage you got in the class.  I guess I need to do that.  I freaked out this semester because the weather was just awful on Mondays and Tuesdays....Thursday classes were never an issue.  So I did miss two classes due to weather and not wanting to die on the road.

I have a 4.0 average....yeah!!!!!  I do need to channel a bit of the bachelor degree Lisa and relax a bit more. School starts again on Thursday and I am already starting to panic with all the new things I will have to do and the service hours I will have to fit in......I need a vacation.
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