Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Transmission is toast

I want to cry.  My van died a horrible what.
It needs a new transmission 2800 for a new one.
1800 for a used one or get a new car.
It has almost new tires anyone looking for tires?  Good deal.
We will try to sell it for about 1000.00 any takers?
It runs just not above 45 mph or it thumps really bad.

I am really depressed about this...this van has been a great car and gotten us from one
side of the country to the other and now what am I going to do?
We have 7 people until October and then 6.  No one is going anywhere all together that is for sure.
The Kia only fits 5 and the truck fits six only if the bad 3 down have me very tight.
Sad sad sad sad sad sad ......very very sad.
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