Monday, August 27, 2012

One Crazy Summer We have had---whine whine

Started working 4 days after school was out, JT and Cenny to math camp.  Zeke and Qatar helped out at camp the first week.  Zeke to band camp the next week and the van died.  Dad and Mom went with me to pick him up the next week and then off to the races for another week of camp.  JT was jealous of some of the other campers who wanted to hug me and hold my hand.  He got a new/used car for my million trips to Rochester coming up.  David was called to the Bishopric.

The weather was hot and humid and in the 100 degree area and we were outside most of the time.  I'm more tan then I've been in years, most days outside and multiple trips each week to the pool.  The 4th of July made us feel like we were melting and it didn't let up.  Cenny went to Girls camp in Duluth and had a great time.  Relay for Life was a success thanks to Bonnie and Renee.  I finished 6 full weeks and two half weeks of day camp and was glad to say goodbye.  Mom got sick and sick and sicker.  We went to a book signing with Amanda Hocking.  I studied for math and took the exam and passed.  I signed up for classes that start this week.  The kids got their teachers and class assignments.  Zeke won the county fair and now we are going to the State Fair.  We got Moose in Fairbault, lucky for us he is house broken and trained to do lots of cute tricks.  His begging is so so so so so so cute.

Qatar and Zeke went camping with the YM.  Father and son was last weekend. We went to a book signing for Julie Kramer and have decided to put in a penny floor in the front entry.  We have started to collect those pennies and will take all donations that come our way.  Gunnar got his wisdom teeth out and now has dry sockets and is leave for LA.  Wednesday....hopefully it won't be so painful.  He comes home the 3rd and we have to drive up to the cities AGAIN to get him.  Zeke is in cross country, Cenny wants to do gymnastics and Qatar is almost done with accutane.  He had foot surgery earlier this month for his huge toenails and he seems to be heeling well.  For staying close to home this summer I feel that we have not been home at all.

I was released from the RS presidency and put in as a teacher.  Zeke is the chorister and I have gone gluten free so I bring crackers for sacrament.  Gunnar needs a few things for his mission still and time is ticking away.  Cenny and Qatar had asthma check-ups and Cenny has been using Qatars inhaler with half the medicine of hers, no wonder she has been getting worse and not better.  She is now on hers and duck taped the case to not mix them up again. Parker loves the dog park and we try to get him there a few times a week.  I love Dave Ramsey, but anymore car troubles and I swear I'm going down and buying a new car on credit.  David had to come home yesterday and drive us to church...the truck decided not to start(we would have been on-time also...bummer)

We have done lots of stuff this summer but I look forward to school starting and getting a routine going.

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