Sunday, August 5, 2012

Relay for Life

Relay for Life Weekend

Our team is ready...we have raised over $1200 and we are running the Walking Taco Booth and the Dunk Tank.  We hoped to raise more money, but this is our first year and being new at this we have a few 
wrinkles to iron out.
Our Team Captain is a Pediatric Nurse who is on the front lines of cancer.
She holds hands, gives chemo, comforts families, listens to their hopes and dreams and cries every single time they lose a precious little one.
We are fighting for them...everyone who has been told the battle is over...time to get things in order....we want that conversation to end.  We want to hear....'You have cancer, no big deal, take this pill and you should feel great in a day or so.'
Funding research is the way to end this nightmare.
Find a team you can support and get in the battle.  We can end cancer if we work together.

Bonnie did a great job and only got a little crazy.  I will post photos soon.
The dunk tank was busy with people tossing balls and others falling.  The Bishop had a long line.
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