Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Book Reviewing is getting tough.

We get several requests a day now and I get tired just checking my email...I even avoid it at times now.  I keep reading, but I can't read fast enough to keep up with the requests.  Also I've read so many BAD, Horrible, never edited books that I'm very leery of accepting several publishers and self-published books.  Reading a book that just was finished and yet is on Amazon is work and I don't have time for that....books need to be edited and edited well.  First time authors should keep there work under 350 pages...any longer and well you didn't get a good editor.

I have read many good and even great books from publishers and self-publishers, but they are rare and when I read one I am almost shocked....WOW that was a good book.  Doesn't happen that often publisher or not....lots of badly written, edited books out in the world.

So if you have read a good or bad book for that matter lately...please send me your thoughts.  Thanks
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