Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm that kind of Mom

JT wore one flip flop and one tennis shoe to school on Tuesday.  I was yelling down the stairs as I was getting ready for work to be sure they were getting ready.  I got downstairs and Cenny and JT were making candy piles.  I freaked and told them to get in the car.  Cenny missed the bus so I chased it a few blocks to the next stop and let her out.  The I dropped JT at the crossing guard so I could just turn on the main road.  He said he didn't have two of the same shoe on.  I checked and freaked out again and told him too bad get out and go to school we will discuss this later and you are grounded.
He came home telling me everything went fine and his shoes were not a problem.  I told him there were with me and to go to his room until dinner.  He is a pain in the neck some days.  He and Cenny had to dump all their candy together and not get any until after dinner and Cenny was grounded for missing the bus.  If it had been a good reason I would have been understanding...this was because of candy.  I hate the day after Halloween...the kids think it is a holiday and don't get that school and work are still going to happen the next day.  JT told me he would be sick on Tuesday I told him he would be grounded next Halloween and I would write it on the calender so I wouldn't forget.  He doesn't like it when I write things on the calender to remember....grounding...doctors appts...etc.
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