Monday, November 28, 2011

7th Grade tour of the U of M

 Zeke found Jordan and Cory in the same cafeteria we had lunch in during our tour, this campus has over 52,000 students so I thought this was huge, we also ran into 3 other Austin students.

I spent a Friday watching 7th graders on a tour of the University of Minnesota, we walked over 2 miles while there, it is a huge campus with a bridge that spans the Mississippi, that is a walk on its own.  Fun trip, I'm glad I was able to go as a chaperon.  I has a fun talk with two of Zeke's teachers on the way up and back, both also had Gunnar.  That was an interesting talk and then we talked about Eagle Bluff coming up in February and I want to go...please...3 days in the snow and ice....what could be better?  This year they are adding archery...
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