Thursday, September 8, 2011

Utah trip staying with the Bremner's

How they put up with us is the question?  We stayed with my brothers family in Utah and had a great time.  Some of us climbed almost to the top of Timp, some of us washed windows at a service project and some of us made quilts and scarves, all of us had a fabulous apple pie for David's birthday, all of us had plenty of good food to eat and all of us had a great time playing at the Hollywood connection in West Valley.  I forgot how much I love to roller skate.

Lily giggled us awake every morning and Heather kept us awake playing games every evening.  The place was packed with all of us joining Paige there also.  So much fun and such a great family they are with one more to join them soon.  Thanks guys for a wonderful time!!!!  The ohotos are everyone getting ready for church at 9, it went better then I would have imagined it to go.  We all made it on time.
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