Saturday, September 24, 2011

JT questions?

This is usually never a good me on that.
Why don't I feel the spirit?
I suggested that he was too noisy most of the time, but we would discuss it further in FHE.
How can I break a world record?
No idea..any ideas out there?
Why do I have to waste my time in school?
I've given him tons of responses to this one and none satisfy him.
What is a-sexual or any sexual for that matter?
That was on the way to school today so we will discuss later.  I guess this was a science question on the scantron yesterday and he is sure he got it wrong because he has no idea.
Why can't I stay home and be homeschooled?
You would drive me crazy and learn nothing...that is why.
He has many more questions and every night when we read the B of M he has more and more and more that I have to say no questions until I finish or we will be reading all night long.
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