Sunday, September 4, 2011

The HollyWood Connection

So much fun with the crew we had, at one time we used all the bumper cars for our family and Heather and David even sat out that round.  Skating, mini-golf, silly rides and one that made Paige and I want to puke(the attendant spun us in a circle for way to long and way to fast) I love roller skating and forgot how much, David thought he may need to run out and tackle me to get me to go home.

These are Heather's photos I left my camera in the car.  We are all doing the chicken dance in the skating photo.  We all stayed and had dinner in the diner there, but Paige and I didn't eat much thinking we were still going to be sick.  Fun time with a fun group, we used a Groupon and even got free arcade tokens which we used to play Deal or No Deal, I made a deal for 76 tickets and David made a deal for 77...he won.
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