Monday, May 9, 2011


When Christ walked on the water to the ship during the storm, I thought about Peter.  He wanted to be with Christ so we asked to come to him and of course Christ said come and so Peter did.  As long as he kept his eyes on the Lord he was fine, it was only after he took his eyes from Christ and started to see the water and the wind did he fail.  He took his mind and his sight from the ultimate prize and that was when he started to sink.  If he had kept his eye on Christ he would have been fine.
    I think this is for all of us.  If we keep our eyes on the Lord we will keep our selves on the right track, it is only when we take our eyes and mind to other things that we lose our way.  Its not easy, but it is like driving.  We always look ahead when we drive.  If we only saw what was right in front of us we wouldn't be ready for turns or hazards in the road.  We look ahead to the Lord and to where we want to be in the future.  Keeping our eyes there  will keep us stay safe and helps us see know the hazards ahead.

  Just something I was thinking about.
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