Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stinky house

  The stairs going up started to have a funny smell last week, I cleaned the bathrooms after the boys did to be sure it wasn't just dirty bathroom smell coming down the stairs.  The smell did not get better so I thought broken sewer pipe and I googled how to tell.  Peppermint oil down the drains and I didn't smell peppermint in the hall or the stairs.  I bleached everything in the bathrooms and could smell bleach, but the whole house smelled like bleach.   I got home from work on Wednesday and the smell about knocked me out.  Gunnar had just gotten home from Orlando so I told him to tell me about it while we walked around smelling for the source.

   Not in the basement, not in the attic, not anywhere I could pin point.  I knew the stairs were the starting point so I went to Gunnar's attic space and looked around, the smell wasn't there.  I glanced down and there was a fuzzy tail so I grabbed a bag and pulled out a dead squirrel and then the smell hit me and I almost threw-up.  I had found the source.  He was facing the stairs and there must me a down draft at that area that pulled the smell away from the attic space.  Stinky stinky, with the windows open all over the house we may get the smell out soon.  YUCK!!!!!
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