Saturday, December 11, 2010

Time goes so fast....

I made the mistake of listening to sad country music and I have to tell you, time is so fleeting. I look back and thought I would be stuck with babies, diapers, and no time for anything else. WOW.....Where did it all go. Gunnar is 17 and he was just starting to pull up on the furniture yesterday. It makes me cry to think about how fast the kids have grown, I think this is part of having a senior(at least I hope it is and I'm feeling better when he goes off to college and loves it.)
You may think that you will always be doing laundry, washing dishes, and changing stinky diapers, but you won't. It really is such a short time, I remember being told that and thinking, "Whatever, your not knee deep in no sleep, poop, and a mess all the time." But it's true. Enjoy the kids at all stages. Write down the funny things they say and cherish the little hugs and kisses(but even now I love being alone without fingers touching me, maybe thats just me.) I do miss the funny faces, the hilarious sayings, little heads resting on my lap(even drolling on me), first steps, cute faces covered in carrots and squash, tiny fingers grasping my hair. They grow up fast, hug them tight(it won't help keep them small, I've tried.) Believe me I've tried.
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