Friday, December 24, 2010

A night in Bethlehem - Merry Christmas

Making luminaries out of cans filled with ice.
The holy family, their little girl kept running into the scene and asking her mother questions.
The three kings bringing gifts.
JT and Cenny making stars. Each store had a craft and then a story to go with it, they sent home with you.
JT found a costume to wear and was very excited to find a job in the luminary shop.
Ezekiel found a friend at the entrance when we were signing in to be counted in the census. He dashed off and was dressed for the evening. Cenny was able to dress like an angel. The original date was cancelled for snow and so they only had portions of what was originally planned. It was a fun evening off music and centered on Christ. They had stores(all free) in classrooms for you to make a star, luminary, clay pot, a photo for the family, bread, cocoa, apple cider and the aromatherapy store to smell the gifts from the three kings. We missed the living nativity since they were planned for the cancelled date. It was a great night to remember the real meaning of Christmas. This was at the Bethlehem Free church in town and I look forward to attending next year.
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