Sunday, December 19, 2010

Old story, but the snow reminded me of it.

In our first house, our garage was a single car with a workshop area. The door would freeze to the ground so we didn't use it much. One day the door had blown open so I went and pulled it shut. For about a week I had a feeling I needed to go the the garage. It was cold and I couldn't figure out why? The neighbors came over and asked if we had seen their dog and of course we hadn't. They thought maybe he had been hit by a train or a car. They were really upset, we told them we would look for him and I thought about the garage again. I dismissed it for another day or so and then finally couldn't keep from thinking about it. I opened the side door and this skinny, sick looking Germany Shepard mix came struggling out. I got the neighbors and they took him to the vet. He was fine, just hungry and dehydrated. Thank heaven I finally listened to the spirit and opened the door. Finding the neighbors dead dog in the spring would have been awful.(He was not a barker, I never heard him bark during the time we lived there.)
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