Monday, December 6, 2010

Kids are so funny

Subbing this last week was a hoot. We were discussing immigration and Ellis Island. The teacher assigned the kids to ask family members about who immigrated to America and what port they came through. Some kids thought that would be difficult because they had been here for so long, but one little girl said, "No problem, my dad came here illegally through Florida. I don't think he came through a port." I smiled. "Great, now everyone go home and verify the information you put in the assignment with your family." I didn't want anything coming back to school the parent didn't know about.
At the HS, the classes I subbed watched 16 and Pregnant, an MTV series and I watched the same episode three times. The last hour the kids complained and I said. "Hey, I've seen this one three times, so sit quietly and listen." They all watched it and man that girl was tiny to deliver a 9 pound baby. We also watched the last bit of The Pursuit of Happyness, an an episode of My So Called Life. It that one the parents dressed up for Halloween and then had a little tryst and the kids were moaning and groaning about them kissing. "So gross, old people love." One girl was very vocal and I just had to laugh. Old people, about my age and all of their parents age. Wait now that I think about it, it is gross(I mean my parents kissing, yuck) I guess you never grow out of that.
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