Friday, April 4, 2014

We have had a tough couple of weeks and then this!!!! Stressful being a parent.

Our oldest son, G, is in this exact area of Chile serving a mission for our church.  We saw the report of the 8.3 earthquake at dinner time and then heard that everyone had been accounted for in his group around midnight---he did finally email us yesterday telling us what happened and how he was doing....stressful being a parent.

The last few months our youngest, J, has not been himself.  He has been moody, depressed and grumpy....very grumpy -things that use to not bother him start screams and tantrums now.  Well he finally exploded a few weeks back and told us he was being bullied on the bus and at school...we called the school and had a meeting.  J was also talking about things like 'why get up in the morning?' 'why live any longer?' so he was starting to scare us.  We met with the school administrator and discussed the bus and school problems.  We called and met with a therapist and then prayed and prayed and prayed for peace of mind so we would know what to do.

J took a tour of the Catholic school in town and that day I had just come from his other school subbing to the meeting after his tour - I entered the Catholic school and I felt my prays had been answered - this feeling of peace came over me and I knew this is where he needed to go to school - at least for the rest of this year and maybe all of middle school.  I met with the administration of the Catholic school and they assured me they would not try to make him a Catholic but religion would be required along with Mass once a week.  

We went home and discussed the pros and cons of both schools and after a week or so J decided to try Catholic school.  Seeing the therapist again he told her his decision and how so far, 2 days of school so far at that point, he liked his decision.  She told me after the appt that he seemed more lively and excited about life then the last time she had seen him.

I am crossing my fingers that this is the right decision and things will get better.  J is already happier then I have seen him in months, he is spending time with friends again and with the family instead of disappearing to his room for the day.  He is loud and smiles more often - I had forgotten how loud he can be when he is himself and not depressed.

We are still praying that we will know what to do to help him through this rough time of life...he is usually such a happy - busy - active - kid---I hope to see that come back full force this summer when the snow finally goes away.
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