Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Book Review - I will add to my blog later I want Cenny to give her opinion

You will cry when you get half way though this book - and then cry all the way to the end....I am still crying and I hate to cry.....but this author can write a tale that sticks in your head like a well done movie ...every time I picked up the book the movie started to play from where I left off in beautiful color and sound...better that any movie they can make that is for sure...This is an author to read for good - heart wrenching drama - 
Cenny asked for this book and so I picked it up at Walmart---which I never do since books come to our house on a daily basis for free---but she really wanted this book and the library had a long waiting list so I broke down and bought it for her - She commented as she read that the movie in her head would just pause every time she put it down and begin again with the first word she read - she wanted someone to talk to about the book so she asked me to hurry and read it - I did less than 2 days and I am sobbing like a starving infant....I hate to cry....I will not be going to this movie in June, Cenny can take a friend instead.
I look forward to our discussion now that I am done to see what she thought of the story....I love book discussions.

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